Riot Fest Announces Partial 2012 Lineup…And Carnival?

Big news from Riot Fest today: The annual punk rock gala not only announced a stellar partial lineup, but also that the event would move most of its shows outside to Humboldt Park.  Since it’s inception in 2005, Riot Fest has been a staple of Chicago’s punk rock scene. Until this year it was held at the Congress Theater, but in an ambitious attempt to tackle big Chicago music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Pitchfork, Riot Fest is taking it’s shows outdoors. And that’s not all: they’re bringing a carnival with them. Catch a GWAR show while riding the Zipper. Enjoy the ferris wheel while head banging to Iggy & The Stooges. Eat a corn dog while wondering what Elvis Costello is doing there. Do all this and more for REALLY CHEAP. Pre-sale tickets are on sale now, starting as low as $36 for a 2-day pass! Want the biggest bang for your buck? We recommend splurging on the 3-day pass. It’s $90 (which, compared to Lolla’s steep $230 price tag, is a steal!) and gets you access to the festival, along with a slough of after parties! Get ’em while they’re hot, because we have a feeling that these tickets aren’t going to last long.



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