Chicago Piano Day

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s annual Keys to the City Festival kicked off today. While there are many exciting things happening throughout this two-week celebration, we are most looking forward to Chicago Piano Day (Sunday, May 27th).

Why? Because it’s free! And David Hyde Pierce will be there! Oh, and also, there are ton of amazing performances and events happening all day long.

But perhaps the best part of Chicago Piano Day is that there is truly something for everyone:

  • Have you ever dreamed of becoming a concert pianist? Sign up for a free piano lesson here, and your dream could be one step closer to reality.
  • Are mechanics more your style? Check out a lecture by piano technician Franz Mohr, who has worked with some of the greatest pianists of our time. Then view of screening of Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037, a documentary about how concert pianos are made.
  • Do you love classical music? Catch one of many free performances throughout the day. You’ll hear works from Chopin and Lizst, among others.
  • Into jazz? They’ve got you covered.
  • Rock ‘n roll more your style? They’ve got that covered, too!
  • Are you a cinephile? Grab a seat at a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s His New Job, complete with live accompaniment.
  • Looking for some laughs? Chicago Piano Day even has comedians. That’s right: pianist comedians.

For the complete list of Sunday’s events, click here.



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