Movieoke at The Whistler

Karaoke for people who love to quote movies?!? Yes, please!

Last month, the fine folks at The Whistler teamed up with Chicago Movieoke to bring us all a different kind of fun:

Movieoke is literally movie scene Karaoke.  The performers hold microphones and perform using the monitor to read along and act out the scene in front of them.   We have over 200 scenes to choose from, scenes that will make you laugh, scenes that will make you cry, scenes that will do both and scenes that are just plain classic.

Head down to The Whistler the 1st Monday of every month and get in on the fun! Movioke starts at 9pm. The Whistler tends to bring in a full house, so get there early. Since the fun is free, let yourself splurge on a cocktail. You’d be a darned fool to go to The Whistler and pass up the cocktails. /CheapDishPizza Tip



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